Course Offered  

Course Offered

Computer Science Engineering

Our Computer Science Engineering Programme is a four-year intensive degree that focuses on the fundamentals of computer programming and networking.During the course of the Programme, students will get to learn extensively about computation, algorithms, programming languages, programme design, computer software, computer hardware, etc. This will give them a strong foundation and equip them with the skills they need to shine in the real world.

Information Science Engineering

This Programme is a four-year interdisciplinary degree that includes computer science, mathematics, social sciences, public policy, and more. It enables our students to gain an in-depth insight into the field, as they learn to investigate, collect, categorize, store, and disseminate information.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

From research and design to development and testing — our four-year Electronics and Communication Engineering Programme provides an end-to-end understanding of the discipline. Throughout the Programme, we put great emphasis on shaping our students to take on the future of communications and broadcast systems.

Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering Programme is designed to give a 360-degree understanding of design, construction, and use of machines in automobiles, electric motors, aircraft, and more to all our students. Over the four years, our’s students are encouraged to learn and research in a wide variety of areas, such as robotics, computer integrated manufacturing, automation, fracture mechanics, FEM, and design optimization.